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The cupuacu tree (written cupuaçu in Portuguese and pronounced coo-poo-ah-sue) is common throughout the Amazon basin and Brazil’s northeastern regions. It generally grows wild with its seed dispersed by birds and other creatures of the rainforest. It attains heights of 20 meters and its fruit is picked in the rainy season from January through April.

The cupuacu fruit contains over 30% pulp. The pulp is creamy, white, and has a truly arresting fragrance . The fruit can reach the size of 4 pounds, about the size of a cantaloupe. It is shaped like an almond with the furry exterior of a coconut. The fruit is used in a diverse array of food products such as jellies, tarts, juice, and ice cream.

Cupuacu belongs to the same genus as cocoa, the raw ingredient of chocolate, and therefore shares many of the same properties such as its rich taste and high flavanoid content. Two new flavonoids were recently discovered in cupuacu along with nine others, which are already known The fruit also improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, and stimulates mental function. It is a natural source of phosphorous, fiber, the B vitamins, and vitamins A and C. 

Aside from the pulp, Cupuacu has a “seed pod” which contains “beans” similar to the ones found in cocoa. These seeds have traditionally been employed by indigenous peoples to alleviate abdominal pain and to aid in difficult childbirth. The cupuacu seeds do not have the high concentration of caffeine that cocoa has, which makes it a good substitute for chocolate products.

Cupuaçu contains unique antioxidant phytonutrients called polyphenols.
You may be familiar with polyphenols from other common plants like green tea and grape seeds

Some of the major benefits of Cupuacu are:

Destroys free radicals
Reduces the signs of aging and promotes younger-looking skin
Boosts your immune system
Increases libido
Increases energy and stamina
Increases your body's ability to fight disease and cancer cells
Helps to lower cholesterol levels
Works as a cell-protective antioxidant drink



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